Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have no experience writing a resume?

No Problem! The Automatic Resume has been specifically designed to be used by  transitioners with no resume writing experience. Just follow the prompts and the Automatic Resume will create a  resume from your  experience and skills.


How easy is the Automatic Resume to use?

Just like in the short Demo, the Automatic Resume prompts you for all of the required information. You simply input your information and the wizard writes a complete  career transition resume for you, statement by statement, right before your eyes!


Can I start my resume even if I don't have an existing resume?

YES! The Automatic Resume prompts you for simple information about your  skills, experience, where you were stationed, what your job titles were, etc. If you happen to have your  records handy, you can use them as a reference to verify dates, facts or figures.


How long will it take to complete my resume?

Most people complete their first resume in 90 minutes or less. Completion time may vary depending on the amount of experience and education you include on your resume. You will have access for 30 days so you can take as much time as you like and create as many resumes as you like.


How long will I have access to the Automatic Resume?

You will initially have access for 30 days. However, your resume is a dynamic document that you will want to keep updated with your new skills, accomplishments and experience. Your  job search may last longer than 30 days and you will need to have several different formats of your resume for the different jobs you're applying for.


Additional access to the Automatic Resume is available in 30 day increments at a 40% discounted rate, or $28.20.


Do I need to download any special software?

You will have the option to view your resume in progress as an Adobe PDF file. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, a FREE download will be made available to you.


How many resumes can I create from my  experience?

The Automatic Resume allows you to create an unlimited number of transition resumes to target as many employers as you like. Each resume will be created in 2 formats for you to use depending on the  jobs you are applying for.


Which different resume styles does the Automatic Resume generate?

The Automatic Resume will create two different styles of resumes:

1) Reverse-chronological - ideal if you're seeking a  job that directly utilizes your  skills, or is the  equivalent to the job you were doing in the .

2) Combination - recommended if you're looking for a  job that's different from what you were doing in the , but still utilizes some of your  skills and experience.


Which file formats can I download?

You can download each style of every  transition resume you create onto your computer as either an MS Word document or as a Text file.


How is the Automatic Resume different from other online resume builders?

The Automatic Resume has been designed specifically for transitioning  personnel. It prompts you for information using language and jargon that you'll find easy to understand. Then it automatically generates powerful  statements and creates a  resume from your  experience. No other online resume builder can do that.


Do you offer a live  resume writing service?

Our live resume writers offer resume reviews, critiques and format editing on resumes created with the Automatic Resume. They are happy to review any of the -to- transition resumes you create. The cost of these services varies depending on what you want done, but are usually less than $100. Please email us at for more information.


What if I have questions while I'm using the Automatic Resume?

You can email us any time or call during office hours. Our contact information can be found by clicking on the CONTACT button at the top of this page.


Is there money back guarantee?

YES! If you are not satisfied with the performance of the Automatic Resume we will gladly refund your money if requested within 7 days of original purchase.


Is the Automatic Resume tax deductible?

It could be deductible as a job search expense. Please consult with your professional Tax Advisor.


What if still I have a question you haven't answered?

Email your question to us at and we will be glad to answer it!



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