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From the Employment Spectator:  New York MTA Files for 750 Layoffs

According to the Employment Spectator, "The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has filed an obligatory alert to the Department of Labor notifying them of their plans to layoff 750 employees." 

So, which is better, knowing about an upcoming layoff or just getting told, and then being asked to leave right away?  Below are some general guidelines regarding layoffs for both employers and displaced employees:


Handling the Layoff Properly 

1.  Companies:  delaying the delivery of the inevitable news is usually a mistake (even around Christmas time).  Companies are sometimes fearful and often regretful regarding the action that must be taken.  As such, they can delay the news of a layoff to the last possible moment in an effort to spare people's feelings and reduce their anxiety.  The truth is, the sooner people know, the better.  Once people know the truth the sooner they can do proper planning (i.e. postpone luxury purchases).  Some companies might we worried about sabotage or reprisals if the news is let out too soon.  If this is the case (or just to get general information regarding layoffs) be sure to consult with an employment lawyer before any action is taken.

2.  Companies:  News of a layoff should usually be given early in the week and late in the day.  This prevents people from "stewing" over the weekend and they can begin the preliminary action required to get back into the workforce right away (attend job search workshops etc.)

3.  Companies: Keep your outplacement service company away from the announcement.  These people need to be seen in a positive light so they can best serve your displaced employees.  Including them in the meeting when the layoff announcement is made only serves to associate them with the “bad news” and makes their job down the road harder.

4.  Displaced Employees:  Once you get the news of the layoff try not immediately react.  Don’t call your spouse right away at work to tell them the news.  You’ll only cause them a lot of anxiety and they won’t be in any position to really help at that point anyway.  Pick a time in the evening when you can calmly discuss the subject, free of distractions.  If you are rational about things they will be too.  Remember you will get another job!

5.  Displaced Employees:  Take full advantage of all outplacement services provided.  Emotions can be running high at this point such as anger, and a sense of loss.  These are very natural feelings when this type of event occurs.  Don’t let these feelings prevent you from learning the skills you need to get back into the workforce more quickly.


How AutomaticResume.com Helps Companies and Displaced Employees

Companies:  AutomaticResume.com can provide resume and interview skills support at a fraction of traditional costs.  And, there is no waiting period.  Everyone gets their resume the same day, no matter how many people are being laid off!

Displaced Employees:  AutomaticResume.com helps you speed up your transition back into the workforce by helping you to write a resume that speaks the language of business:  $.  By communicating to a future employer how you can make them $, save them $ and/or save them time, you become infinitely more persuasive than your competition and you will inspire many more positive interview decisions!





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